The Art of Propaganda (guest essay)

It’s actually quite simple. Propaganda fascinates us in many ways, we love it, we hate it and most of all we wonder about it. Why it is. Well to be honest, without propaganda we would have no clue about who’s who and what’s what. When you read about something, is it actually what you read about? If someone told you about someone, are they really like that? Propaganda is as simple as a rumor. For example, I could tell you “this” person is a bad person and that “they” are no good. And when you see that person or meet them all you know is that the person is bad or no good. But are they really? You have to find out for yourself. What is projected bad may actually be good and what is projected good may actually be bad. You hear, you see, you read. Because you saw it, heard it, or read about it, is it actually true? No. The truth is what you believe it to be. What you believe yourself is what’s true. Your own opinion which is your own fact. What makes a fact? What you believe it to be. We all go through life doing what others want us to do. Look at your life now, its position and where it stands. Your there because your doing what others want you to do. Do Books, Television, even listening to what you think is good, or bad even exist? Like Death. Unbelieve all that we believed growing up and then you’ll start to understand how it really works. Propaganda. Just remember, all has been shown for us to Become and that what we first believed, still exist, in the believable. What we got from it then and what we get from it now, is how we’ll be, individually or as a group. Don’t believe we die, believe we are Infinite. Don’t believe if you don’t do this, this is where you go, but think, “Why would you tell me that” “does that mean my lost ones are there too”. “Because I wanna go where my loved ones are, so I refuse to do what you don’t want me to do”. By thinking like this, you fully understand the concepts of propaganda and why it’s made for us to think, question. All that has been written has been written and all that has not been written, will be. What’s left blank is for us to fill in. Think like no other and use your imagination, feel the propaganda by filling it in. Propaganda is…God. There’s no other power like it, but your own thoughts and belief. Everybody has there own belief. Not everyone 100% believes every word you say, even when they say they do. They trust you. Which is a lot different than believing in you. Something’s make you mad and somethings make you happy, and it’s all based on what you first thought. The power of Propaganda. Any one can create and uncreate, start and finish. Just believe it is you all along and that you are…The Art of Propaganda.
-Justin Hugh Arrow

The Art of Propaganda (guest essay)
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