SDDP 026 Eternal Shark Batteries of the Diseased Mind


In this episode, Daniel Cocotagelo dives into the looming dangers of AGI, giving it a chilling 70% chance of wreaking havoc on humanity, and shares why he bailed on OpenAI over safety concerns. We then chatted about the hot topic of non-compete agreements, with some folks eyeing an FTC ban while business groups weren’t thrilled. Election workers, dealing with a spike in threats, are demanding more federal protection. Marijuana legalization stirs the pot with activists pushing for change across states. Governor Kristi Noem’s dealings with South Dakota tribes highlight tensions over law enforcement and drug issues. We also spotlight societal struggles, from hate group activities to initiatives for LGBTQ2S+ inclusivity. Buckle up for a wild ride through these stories and more!

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SDDP 026 Eternal Shark Batteries of the Diseased Mind

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