Podcast Episode 027 Amendment G-Unit


This episode is packed with action! We kick off with South Dakota’s House Bill 1125, which aims to ban synthetic hemp sales, causing an uproar among businesses like Hemp Quarters 605, who argue the law could devastate them and claim it’s unconstitutional. We also celebrate a win for women’s reproductive rights as Dakotans for Health secured a temporary Supreme Court victory to keep abortion medication Mifrostone available. Meanwhile, Minnehaha County Auditor Lee Anderson stirs the pot with unproven claims about 2020 election irregularities, sparking a heated debate on election integrity. 

In housing news, a whopping $1.4 billion development in South Dakota is helping to cool soaring home costs, but first-time buyers still face steep price hikes. The Environmental Integrity Project throws shade on biofuel plants, reporting significant pollutant emissions and questioning their eco-friendliness compared to oil refineries. A new study flips the script on crime, showing higher violent crime rates in Republican-led states, countering the usual rhetoric linking crime to Democratic policies. 

We also cover the dramatic arrest of an Arizona gun show vendor whose plans for a race war were foiled by the FBI. The Life Defense Fund is on the offensive, trying to block Amendment G from the ballot, accusing Dakotans for Health of procedural missteps during their signature drive. Lastly, we unpack Trump’s proposed tariff hike, which aims to cut income taxes but is likely to hike consumer prices, hitting low-income Americans the hardest. Tune in for all this and more!

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Podcast Episode 027 Amendment G-Unit

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