SDDP Podcast 029 Wet Hot American Summer


A Juneteenth celebration was graced by a resident who decided to spread the joy of the occasion by harassing the participants. Fear not, the festivities continued, proving that not even local party poopers can dampen the spirit of freedom.

Meanwhile, Leonard Peltier, after over four decades of leisurely vacationing in a federal penitentiary for his alleged role in a double homicide of FBI agents, is now hoping for a parole decision that might consider his health issues. Who knew that prison life could be so tough on one’s well-being?

On the sunny side, social media has once again proven its prowess in spreading wisdom, this time by convincing people that sunscreen is a government conspiracy to keep us from our natural, sun-kissed glow. Skin cancer rates are expected to soar as people embrace the freedom of going unprotected against those pesky UV rays.

Down in Southeast South Dakota, the locals are preparing for a wet adventure as severe flooding threatens to turn the region into a water park. Evacuation orders and emergency levee construction are underway, proving that when life gives you unprecedented rainfall, you build a really big wall.

In a shocking twist, five of South Dakota’s nine Native American tribes decided to skip Governor Noem’s Tribal Public Safety Summit, possibly due to her previous comments that were as popular as a skunk at a garden party.

Finally, South Dakota is basking in the glory of leading the nation in hemp production a mere three years after legalizing the plant. Who knew that good genetics and farming techniques could turn the state into a hemp haven? It’s almost like they’ve been doing this for a while…

Juneteenth celebration in Sioux Falls had an incident where a resident harassed participants, but the event continued successfully. Leonard Peltier awaits a decision on his parole, with health concerns adding urgency after over 40 years in prison for aiding in the murder of two FBI agents. Misinformation about sunscreen on social media is leading to increased skin cancer risks. Southeast South Dakota prepares for severe flooding with evacuation orders and levee construction following unprecedented rainfall. Five of South Dakota’s nine Native American tribes boycott Governor Noem’s Tribal Public Safety Summit after her controversial remarks. After legalizing it only three years ago, South Dakota leads in hemp production thanks to favorable genetics and farming techniques.

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SDDP Podcast 029 Wet Hot American Summer

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