Podcast Episode 030 Well, that could have gone better…


In today’s episode, we dive into the murky waters of South Dakota politics. Kristi Noem seems to be playing political Marco Polo across the country while her state drowns in floods. One has to wonder if she’s aware of the $130,000 studio gathering dust in the capitol or if her emergency management skills are similarly neglected.

Moving on to the great pronoun and tribal affiliation purge of 2024, we witness Policy 1.76. Because nothing says “inclusivity,” like erasing identities from email signatures, right? Meanwhile, Iowa has decided to become the Midwest’s CO2 superhighway, saying yes to a 2,000-mile carbon pipeline. South Dakota and North Dakota are still contemplating joining this carbon conga line.

In national news, we were treated to a presidential debate that can only be described as a battle of the geriatrics. Biden fought a cold while Trump fought reality, leaving America wondering if it’s too late to swipe left on both candidates. Speaking of fights, Republican states are bizarrely battling against full-bellies and empty food banks by opposing the summer grocery program. Childhood hunger is the new diet plan nobody asked for.

As if that wasn’t enough doom and gloom, 16 Nobel Laureate economists have come together to predict economic catastrophe if Trump’s fiscal policies are implemented. It seems Trump’s approach to the economy is the Godzilla of inflation—big, destructive, and hard to stop once it gets going.

In South Dakota, nature decided to gift McCook Lake residents impromptu waterfront property, whether they wanted it or not. State contractors rushed to build a levee, finally giving the phrase “government dam project” a positive spin. Canton residents, meanwhile, discovered their local government’s emergency plan was essentially “hope for the best,” leading to demands for better infrastructure – preferably the kind that floats.

Finally, the South Dakota legislature is witnessing a showdown between red and redder, as traditional Republicans face off against the “we’re not conservative enough” crew. At least the pipeline debates ensure that something flows freely in South Dakota, even if it’s just hot air.

And there you have it, folks – another week in the wild, wet, and politically weird world of South Dakota. Tune in next time for more Midwestern mayhem and political pandemonium.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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Podcast Episode 030 Well, that could have gone better…

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