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South Dakota Department of Propaganda podcast.

Welcome to the South Dakota Department of Propaganda podcast. A cynical attempt to distract you from the systematic dismantling of everything you hold dear. Learn the truth behind what’s really happening in South Dakota.

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The SDDP Podcast Theme is written and performed by Maniac the Siouxpernatural.

Hey Folks, Steve here. Sorry we’ve been quiet for so long. I’ve been having many health challenges, which have really hurt my productivity. Just letting you know that I’m going in for surgery later this month, and after I recover from that, I’m hoping to get the show back on track. So hopefully, we’ll be…
This week we tell the gut-wrenching story of South Dakota’s latest GOP groomer Joel Koskan who was charged with incest six days before the 2022 general election. Plus, on a lighter or at least higher note, a special 420 address from President Joe Biden. Trigger Warning: This episode contains graphic descriptions of the assault of a…
This week we examine the right-wing radical group “Mom’s for Liberty” and their crusade to keep children from learning new ideas in schools.  And Governor Noem unveils her new segment, South Dakota Children’s Science Corner.
This week we examine the shocking report from the Argus Leader that the Smithfield plant in Sioux Falls is one of the biggest water polluters in the Nation according to the EPA.  Plus, we do a brief report on some bullshit thing or something. 
Fred Deutsch, South Dakota’s own Christian fascist demagogue, is here with his co-conspirators to destroy individual liberty and bodily autonomy in South Dakota. This week we’ll go over the leaked emails that have received national media attention but are conspicuously not being reported in local South Dakota news. We also air an SDDP exclusive rebuttal…
A prominent neo-Nazi recruiter and podcast host has been unmasked as a 29-year-old South Dakota man whose podcasts, until recently, were widely available on popular platforms like Audible, Deezer, and Spotify. These slickly produced podcasts have helped promote dozens of neo-Nazis and white supremacist groups, including a Nazi homeschool network based in Ohio.  And a…
Native American children in the South Dakota foster care system are disproportionately represented. Although Native American children make up less than 15% of the state’s child population, they account for more than 60% of children in foster care. Plus, Kristi Noem gives Glen Beck her opinion on the invasion of Ukraine.
The issue of missing women on South Dakota Indian reservations is a complex and ongoing problem that has plagued Indigenous communities for decades. According to the National Crime Information Center, Native American women are reported missing or murdered at a rate more than 2.5 times higher than that of any other demographic group in the…
The South Dakota EB-5 scandal was a high-profile case that highlighted some of the risks and challenges associated with the EB-5 program and the need for stronger oversight and regulation of the program to prevent fraud and abuse. Also, Corny gets an “Upgrade” and we listen to a listener voice mail.
A brief overview of South Dakota’s cameo in the Panama papers and how it relates to South Dakota’s secretive trust and estate financial services industry.  Plus, in a blast from the past, we relive that time South Dakota was being openly shunned by the President of the United States.