Famous South Dakotans

South Dakota Rejects Solar Energy Funding

Saddle up, folks, for another classic South Dakota tale! Picture it: a federal program, the Solar for All initiative, gallantly offers to help states reduce utility costs and promote renewable energy. The catch is that the states have to apply for these grants. And while not to point any fingers, there are a few, specifically […]

Jordan Peterson Coming To Sioux Falls

In a moment reminiscent of a polar vortex, South Dakota is preparing to chill to the bone as it welcomes the notoriously icy Jordan B. Peterson to Sioux Falls this winter. As part of his ‘We Who Wrestle With God Tour’, the internet-famous cultural commentator plans to shake up the quiet prairie town with his […]

Average credit card debt in South Dakota is now $6,367

It seems South Dakota’s residents have an exclusive club – the “Six-Thousand Dollar Club”, and it’s not for the faint of heart. In fact, recent data suggests that the average credit card debt in the state is now a whopping $6,367. Not exactly a milestone to celebrate, is it? The state’s household finances seem to […]

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