Kevin McCarthy

House elects Mike Johnson as Speaker

Well, well, well, put on your party hats, folks! The House finally found their new captain. Yes, Rep. Mike Johnson, the two-term vice-chairman of the House Republican Conference, is the freshly anointed Speaker. Now, if everyone could just remember where they left the gavel… He won the role with a staggering vote of 220-209, defeating […]

Three Strikes and You’re Out For Jim Jordan

Surely, the collective gasps could be heard echoing from the hallowed halls of our glorious Capitol as Jim Jordan’s dreams of House Speaker stardom deflated faster than a leaky air mattress. Call it fate, karma, or just a good old-fashioned parliamentary smackdown, but the third strike was indeed the charm for the Ohio rep. After […]

Jim Jordan comes up short

You know the saying, “Third time’s a charm?” Well, apparently they forgot to tell that to good old Jimmy boy, Rep. Jim Jordan from Ohio. He was all geared up, ready to put his name on top of the heap and snatch the title of Speaker of the House right after Rep. Kevin McCarthy (the […]

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